Selena Gomez Reportedly Cheated on Justin Bieber with Popular Rapper

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Find out who she reportedly had a fling with HERE!

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Say it isn't so!

Selena Gomez cheated on Justin Bieber with...Gucci Mane?

According to, Selena and the rapper, Gucci Mane, got really close on their Spring Breakers movie set and spent hours alone in her trailer while filming.

A production assistant told that they spent so much time together that people went to Sel's trailer to check on them and Gucci outspokenly dissed Bieber when someone joked they'd tell him what was going on.

While there's no more juicy details or pictures to prove the hookup, all of this sure does make you wonder!

Honestly, we don't think Selena would do something like that. Not to mention, Gucci isn't really her type. He has an ice cream cone tattoo on his face and was previously charged for murder...

In a recent magazine interview, Gucci gave a shout out to Selena and Justin, but didn't admit if anything went down between the two.

Do you think Selena cheated on Justin with Gucci Mane?

Do you think something happened between Selena and Gucci Mane?
Yes! Why else would they spend time together339 (17.9%)
No! He's SO not her type!1023 (53.9%)
Hmm, it's possible! But who knows!535 (28.2%)

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