Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Nicholson Get Flirty During Post-Oscars Interview

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When Jennifer Lawrence met Jack Nicholson at the Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence Jack Nicholson flirt Oscars videoGMA

We can't seem to stop the Jennifer Lawrence love-fest, but this video clip is too adorable to pass up.

Jennifer sits down with Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos for a post-Oscar win interview, when she's interrupted by an adoring fan--Jack Nicholson.

Jack is obviously smitten with Jennifer, as he stops by to congratulate her (though we have a feeling Jack is smitten with many young beautiful women, but we can't blame his love of JLaw!).

She's thrilled with Jack popping in, though jokes that he's "really rude," before telling him she loves all his movies.

Jack didn't just fade into the background either, as Jennifer puts her face in her hands after the meeting, saying, "Oh my God...Is he still there?"

He pops back into the scene, saying, "I'll be waiting."

Jennifer then waved at Jennifer Garner, who she now knows, joking, "This is my life now. 'Hey Jack, hey Jennifer, how are you?'"

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