Louis Tomlinson New Tattoo: Cup of Tea?!

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Louis Tomlinson got a new tattoo--a cup of tea!

Louis Tomlinson cup of tea tattoo picLouis Tomlinson Instagram

Louis Tomlinson got a new tattoo to add to his many doodles: a cup of tea!

Louis shows off the new arm ink in this Instagram pic, and many Directioners feel it's a call out to the lyric from "Little Things": You can't go to bed without a cup of tea.

Aw, cute!

The little steaming teacup joins arm doodles that include Oops!, a paper airplane and a little skateboarding dude.

Louis definitely has an assortment of random tattoos, doesn't he?

Besides the song lyric, Louis has mentioned in interviews that he fancies a cup of tea, telling The Sun last year, 'I miss the food from home though and I have to have my Yorkshire Tea with me."

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