Harry Styles' Hair Secrets Revealed: How Does Harry Get That Perfect Hairstyle?

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Harry Styles, One Direction
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Harry Styles hair style secretsGetty Images

Ever wonder what keeps Harry Styles' hair looking so perfectly tousled and sexy?

Harry's hair secrets have finally been revealed in a new interview from IntoTheGloss.com.

Turns out, Harry doesn't have that much of a beauty regimen--yes, he's just naturally that perfect--but he does share his secret, which includes washing his hair and running some product through it.

Harry tells Into the Gloss' Emily Weiss, "I just wash it. But then I have to put stuff in it, because if it's too clean, it just...doesn't do anything."

As for the "stuff," he says he uses Bumble Salt Spray.

It sounds like, for all Harry's moptop perfection, it just comes down to a wash and some spray, as well as some strategic hair flipping, of course.

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