Harry Styles Hit With Shoe During Concert: Harry Takes Hit to the Groin

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Watch Harry Styles take a shot to the groin with a flying shoe in this new video.

Harry Styles hit in balls by shoe at Glasgow concertAFP/Getty Images

Aw, poor Harry Styles! During the One Direction Take Me Home concert in Glasgow, Scotland, a shoe hit Harry in the groin.


A fan threw one shoe at the stage, which Harry picked up and started talking about--when a second shoe came flinging right at his crotch.

Someone has good aim!

Harry fell to the ground in mock agony (well, maybe it hurt a little bit), as the rest of One Direction made sure he would survive the shot to the jewels.

Harry was able to have a laugh with it, getting up to stretch things out and do a couple of lunges.

It's been a rough week for Harry "down there"--earlier in the week, Liam hit Harry in the balls while they were on stage.

Maybe Harry should wear a cup during performances...you know, to protect those precious marbles?

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