Justin Bieber Reportedly Goes Clubbing With Ellapaige Roberts-Clarke

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Did they go to his hotel too?

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Does Justin Bieber have a new girlfriend? It sure does seem that way!

Even though she has denied on Twitter that they're dating, Ellapaige Roberts-Clarke was spotted with the Biebs last night at several London nightclubs and at his hotel too!

According to Hollywoodlife.com, Justin and Ella hit up Project and DSKTRT nightclubs together.

After partying it up most of the night, around 3:45am, both of them arrived and went into the Langham hotel, where Justin is staying at.

A few moments after they arrived, in Justin's Bentley, two other girls were seen arriving to the hotel too.

Perhaps they were Ella's friends for Justin's friends? We all know how that goes!

So are the two singers dating? We don't think they're "together" but we think they're probably talking and hanging out, trying to see how things would go if they were a couple.

"Justin's not dating her. She's an acquaintance, a good friend of Justin's and his official DJ, DJ Tay James," a source close to Justin told Hollywoodlife.

What do you guys think? Do they have something going on?

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