Which Celebrity Is Coolest to Their Fans? Vote Now (Quarterfinals)!

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It's Selena Vs. Miley: We should vote on "Best Sunglasses" too!

The votes are in (for Round 1), and now things really get interesting...

We are on a quest to find out which celeb treats their fans the best. If you didn't get to vote in Round 1, don't worry! Here's a quick recap:

Taylor Swift went head-to-haircut with Miley Cyrus. While we thought Tay had the inside track after taking time out for a fan in need in the midst of her whole breakup-heard-around-the-world with Harry, Miley won by a hair.

Selena Gomez, who has been busy promoting Spring Breakers, sprung into the quarterfinals by beating out Ariana Grande.

The JoBros comeback has a lot of steam: Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas scored a trifecta in their individual rounds against Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Niall Horan.

Don't worry, Directioners. We know it was hard to see Harry go down in Round 1, but Louis Tomlinson beat Ed Sheeran, and Liam Payne is also still in the running.

The strongest showing, however, was Demi Lovato taking her win against Victoria Justice with over 80 percent of the votes!

Ready to vote now in our quarterfinals (below)? Polling closes on Sunday, March 3 at 9 p.m. PT.

Quarterfinals, Bracket 1
Miley Cyrus7112 (51.4%)
Selena Gomez6723 (48.6%)

Quarterfinals, Bracket 2
Joe Jonas7501 (55.3%)
Liam Payne6059 (44.7%)

Quarterfinals, Bracket 3
Nick Jonas8795 (65.0%)
Louis Tomlinson4730 (35.0%)

Quarterfinals, Bracket 4
Demi Lovato8792 (62.8%)
Kevin Jonas5206 (37.2%)

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