One Direction Breaking Up? 1D Already Planning Reunion!

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Are One Direction breaking up? Say it ain't so.

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Okay, initial reaction to buzz that One Direction is breaking up? Nooooooooooo!!!!

We can all breathe easy, however, as One Direction only joked about the band breaking up.

It seems they're fans of ITV2's Big Reunion, which hooks up former bands, so they were planning their own big 1D reunion, even though they're still very much together.

The Big Reunion has gotten Atomic Kitten, The Honeyz, 5ive and B*witched back together, and Niall joked that he can't wait for 1D to reunite after they've been split up for awhile.

Niall told Heat magazine (via UnrealityTV), "We can't wait for our episode of The Big Reunion!"

He added, "I am loving The Big Reunion, it's really, really funny! It's crazy hearing the stories about Simon Cowell and 5ive. He called them when they were in jail or something? Haha, we've had some really funny moments with Simon but nothing like that. Our episode of The Big Reunion, well hopefully there won't be one for a while, but I'm up for it--would be a laugh!"

Liam talked about reuniting with his 1D bandmates 20 years later, sharing, "I can't wait for our episode of The Big Reunion in 20 years! Well, we obviously don't want to split but if we do we will especially come back together just for that!"

So, no worries for now...One Direction aren't breaking up anytime soon!

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