Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Hang Out at Her Hotel Until 4 AM!

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Are they more than just friends?

Taylor SwiftGetty

Hooray for more proof Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran could possibly be an item!

E! News is reporting that Tay and Ed hung out in her hotel room until 4am the night before the BRIT Awards!

A source told them that Ed arrived at Taylor's hotel and went straight into her room. They reportedly stayed in the room by themselves until around 4 a.m.

When Ed left the hotel, in the car Taylor used earlier that day, a witness reportedly saw him looking "very happy."

"He looked very pleased with himself," the witness said.

Taylor and Ed "briefly dated last spring. He thinks she is really cute and they have a great chemistry together," says the source.

Hmm, so they DID date?

We don't know about all of that but we have been saying for quite awhile now that they should SO get together!

So does this finally mean there's something going on between the two of them or are they just BFFs?

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