Demi Lovato New Album Name, Release Date? Demi Answers Twitter Fan Questions

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Demi Lovato isn't revealing her new album name or release date...yet.

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Demi Lovato has been working hard these days to promote her new single, "Heart Attack," including answering fans questions on Universal Orlando's Twitter account.

Demi is set to perform at Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras celebration on Saturday, so she took a little time out of her busy schedule to chat with fans.

She tweeted:" Looking forward to performing at #UniversalMardiGras on March 2. Hope to see you at @UniversalOrl!," adding, "AND I'll be hosting a Q&A with @UniversalORL so tweet your questions with #AskDemi and I'll be answering on Thurs at 5pm EST!"

The #AskDemi session was a big success, as Demi answered questions about her new single, new album, dreams for the future, and whether or not she plans to return to acting.

Some of the highlights:

Favorite fruit: watermelon

New album: "You can expect a little bit of everything from my next album. All my other albums times 10."

Song title of her life: "The song title of my life would be "blessed" or "thankful". Great question!"

Artist she wants to collaborate with: Eminem

Motto: "My life motto is stay strong, hang in there, it all gets better. It's always darkest before the dawn."

Dreams: "My personal dream is to get married and have a family. My professional dream is to win a Grammy."

Returning to acting? "I don't see myself going back into acting anytime soon because I'm having so much fun with music right now."

Career choice other than singer: "If I weren't a singer/actress, I would want to be a songwriter or a mom and a wife."

New album name? "I may or may not have a name for my new album, but I can't reveal it yet."

Release date? "There is not a date for my album release yet."

What Heart Attack is about: "'Heart Attack' was inspired by being in a place of vulnerability. Which I'm sure many people can relate to."


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