Is Jaden Smith Responsible for Justin Bieber's Bad Birthday?!

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Is Jaden Smith to blame for Justin Bieber's "worst birthday"? Despite thousands of birthday tweets from well-wishing Beliebers, we all know how Justin Bieber's birthday really turned out.

As more details emerge, it looks like Justin's buddy Jaden Smith might have been behind the bad time.

Will Smith's son was reportedly part of the entourage that wasn't allowed to enter the club that unfortunate evening.

While the drinking age in London is eighteen and most of Justin's pals were allowed to enter the club, 14-year-old Jaden was turned away at the door.

Being the good buddy that he is, Justin didn't feel right continuing the b-day bash with his underage pal stuck outside the club.

So, the Biebs left the London hotspot and grabbed some McDonald's before heading back to his hotel where the whole crew could party together.

It may have been a bad birthday, but it sounds like Justin is definitely a good friend!

Would you have done the same thing if you were in Justin's shoes?

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