Britney Spears: Excited (or Jealous) About Jamie Lynn's Engagement?

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What does Britney have to say about her younger sis' engagement?

Britney Spears hasn't exactly been lucky in love.

Her first marriage to childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander lasted a mere 55 hours.

Then, there was Kevin Federline....and well, we all know how that turned out.

It looked like the 30-year old pop star had finally met her soul mate when she started dating manager Jason Trawick. Fans were thrilled when the pair announced their engagement in 2011.

Then, this past January, everything fell apart and BritBrit found herself single once again.

So, when the news of sister Jamie Lynn Spears' engagement broke, we couldn't help but wonder how Britney was feeling.

Would she be jealous of her sister's exciting status upgrade just two short months after she had to downgrade her own?

Absolutely not.

Britney couldn't be more thrilled for her younger sis!

In fact, she just took to Twitter to express her elation for the happy couple.

Late last night, Britney shared her joy with her 24 million followers:

Aww...we're happy to see that she's so supportive of her sister!

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