'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami': Kim Keeps Butting In (Surprised?)

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Kim's always all up in everyone's business!
This week, on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kim Kardashian gets all up in everyone's business.

First up, Kim decides that it's high time for her BFF, Jonathan Cheban, and his business partner, Simon Huck to bury the hatchet and go back to being best buddies...which would be fine if that's what either of them wanted.

Despite both Jonathan and Simon's desperate pleas for Kim to stay out of it (at least that's one thing they can agree on), Kim invites Simon to Miami and ambushes an unsuspecting Jonathan with an intervention when he shows up for dinner.

Not surprisingly, things didn't go well...at all! The dinner ended with Jonathan storming out while a misty-eyed Simon sat at the table.

As if the Jonathan/Simon debacle wasn't enough to teach Kim to mind her own business, she also decides sister Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick need a relationship intervention and that she's just the person to do it (naturally)!

In no uncertain terms, Kim tells Kourtney that since she's not spending enough alone time with Scott, he's going to cheat on her.

This scares Kourt enough that she decides to consult her therapist (a real relationship expert) about the impending infidelity. Together, they decide that Kourtney should plan something special for herself and Scott.

It seems like Kourtney has really taken the advice to heart when she plans a romantic trip to Paris...until it is revealed that the little rendezvous is actually a family vacation.

Everything seems to be falling apart when Scott decides to add to the chaos and invite some friends to join them.

After a disastrous couple of days with kids, carousel rides and everything else that could possibly crush an otherwise amorous vibe, Kourtney plans a special trip with Scott to the "Locks of Love" bridge.

When Scott leaves her high and dry at the bridge, Kourtney has had enough. She finally decides to confront Scott who was oblivious to the whole reason for the trip.

Feeling like "an idiot," Scott realizes he needs to redeem himself...and that's exactly what he does.

After taking Kourtney on a romantic boat ride, he brings her back to the bridge where he had stood her up and they put their own "Kourtney and Scott, Together Forever" lock on the bridge.

All is well that ends well, right?!

What did you think of this week's episode?

Do you think Kim should just mind her own business?



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