Find Out Which Star Lawson Is Crushing On!

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Lawson interview.And it's not Taylor Swift, even though they're huge fans! Interesting!

When UK band Lawson came to Los Angeles, they told us about their experience meeting Taylor Swift and crushing on Nashville star Hayden Panettiere.

Lawson played the O2 in London a few months back and to their surprise, T.Swift was there.
"After we played, she came up and said she was a massive fan of the band," says Adam.

Taylor even gave the guys a tip: "She said her favorite song was 'Standing in the Dark.' And she said that's the single we should go with first over here [in the U.S.]."

How did the four guys react to meeting Swifty? "We played it really cool," says Andy, but as soon as the guys walked out of the room they were "literally just rolling around like idiots in sheer excitement of what just happened," says Ryan. Andy and Adam even reenacted it for us!

The band seems to have a soft spot for country girls.

Though they haven't been to Nashville yet, "I've been watching the TV series," Ryan told us. "The only reason he's watching it is because of Hayden," countered Andy.

Watch the clip (above) to see the guys try to pronounce Hayden's last name.

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