Justin Bieber's Dad Gives Him Dangerously Cool Birthday Gift

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Justin Bieber's dad knows how to please his son, that's for sure!

For Justin's 19th birthday, Jeremy Bieber surprised his pop star son with a new Batman-inspired motorcycle!

Hyping up the gift before his actual birthday on Twitter, Papa Bieber created a video that gave off a b-day wish and showed off the new whip.

JB's new motorcycle is pretty swagtastic!

It's all black, pimped out with Batman logos, decals that represent Justin's tattoos and "35 mil. followers" in honor of his Twitter fans.

We're sure Justin loves his new bike, especially after he had the "worst" birthday party ever. We just don't know if a motorcycle was the smartest gift to give The Biebs...the kid tends to get pulled over and speed a lot!

Check out the video Justin's dad made him and peep more of the new bike below!

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