'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Baby Daddies vs. Boyfriends

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This week, on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska is encouraged when she gets a call from her ex (and baby daddy) Adam Lind asking if she wants to hang out.

Naturally, Chelsea agrees and wonders if Adam only wants to see their baby, Aubree, or if he's actually missing her and is just using that as an excuse.

She gets her answer (neither of the above) when Adam flakes and tells her he just wants to "go to bed early" that night (i.e. he made plans to go to a movie with friends).

As it turns out, Chelsea isn't the only one having drama with her baby daddy!

Despite having a new man in her life, Kailyn Lowry is still having trouble adjusting to ex Jo Rivera having a new leading lady. Things escalated on last week's episode when Kailyn got so angry about Jo's new girlfriend Vee that they turned physical and caused Kailyn to file a (PFA aka "Protection from Abuse") order against Jo.

Since then, Kail and Jo have agreed to attend co-parenting classes together for the sake of their son, Isaac. By the end of the episode, we start to see Kailyn's boyfriend Javi getting a little bit jealous over all of the quality bonding time she'll be spending with her ex.

Speaking of ex boyfriends, the man that everyone (including Jenelle Evans) loves to hate has returned!

That's right, Kieffer Delp has been released from jail! In an ever-so-romantic twist of fate, these star-crossed lovers must wait to see each other until Jenelle completes her probation.

Eventually, the big day arrives and Kieffer (who now claims to have a job) starts the long journey to see Jenelle, courtesy of the bus ticket that she purchased for him.

After an awkward first few moments together, Jenelle and Kieffer walk hand-in-hand off into...well, whatever those two are going to get into!

Finally, Leah Simms (Calvert) is rekindling a romance of her own with ex-husband, Corey Simms....which would be great, except for the fact that she's still engaged to Jeremy Calvert.

After thinking long and hard about who she truly wants to be with, Leah blindsides Jeremy with a breakup and tells him she wants to see if it was really meant to be with Corey.

In probably the closest we've ever seen Jeremy get to being mad, he responds with, "If it was meant to be, there would have never been a divorce," before packing his things and leaving (taking the engagement ring with him).

However, things don't go exactly as planned when Leah tries to take the next step with Corey.

Watch a sneak peek of the episode below to see how it all unfolds and tell us who you think Leah should choose.



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