Top 5 Moments From This Week's 'Teen Mom 2'

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We break down this week's episode into the five most memorable moments. Let's face it, there are classic one-liners and memorable moments on every single episode of Teen Mom 2 (usually with one or more involving Jenelle Evans' mom, Barbara).

This week, there were some especially awesome moments and we took the liberty of breaking it down into the top five.

So, here they are...

5. Candid Conversation

When Leah Simms (Calvert) is talking to her friend about trying to decide between her ex (Corey Simms) and her fiancé (Jeremy Calvert), her friend points out that she's sort of stringing Jeremy along.

While we would have expected Leah to defend herself and explain why she doesn't see it that way, she shocked all of us (including her friend) when she agreed and said "If I was him, I would have left my a**!"

Hey, at least she's being honest!

4. Mother Knows Best

Jenelle Evans' mother, Barbara, has always been the voice of reason in the family. Whenever Jenelle needs advice, Barbara is always at the ready and while many people might tiptoe around the explosive adolescent, Babs is a straight shooter.

This week, when Jenelle told her mom that her probation was coming to an end, Barbara dove right in with the hard-hitting questions.

Here's how it all went down:

Jenelle: So, I get off probation on Tuesday
Barbara: Oh, yeah, so what does that mean, you're gonna start smokin' weed again?!
Jenelle: Yeah, probably...
Barbara: Jenelle, are you for real?!

Then, the conversation turns to Jenelle spending time with Kieffer Delp again...and we all know how Barbara feels about Kieffer (aka Kiee-ffah). Just in case you forgot, here's a little video to refresh your memory.

3. Ditching Who?

When Chelsea Houska's ex boyfriend, Adam Lind, finally calls after two weeks of being MIA and asks her to hang out, Chelsea is excited to say the least.

She is in the car and tells him she'll call him as soon as she gets home. When she does, Adam doesn't pick up (surprise, surprise), so she texts him.

Finally, she is able to get a hold of him via text message and he calls the whole thing off, citing irreconcilable exhaustion.

When Chelsea sees on Facebook that Adam is actually going to a movie that night, she is (understandably) angry and texts him saying he's "ditching" their daughter, Aubree.

Adam wastes no time texting back to clarify, simply saying, "I'm not ditching her, I'm ditching u," which pretty much sums up Chelsea and Adam's entire relationship.

2. Dog Didn't Eat My Homework, But...

Feeling she's being stretched too thin, Kailyn Lowry is forced to withdraw from some of her college classes so she can continue to juggle all of her priorities.

She asks boyfriend her Javi's cousin if he's ever had to drop a class.

When he says "no," Kail feels the need to justify herself.

As she tries to explain working, going to school AND being a Mom, Kail sets the scene for us.

She tells Javi's cousin how difficult it is to do all of those things and then explains that when she finally does get a minute to focus on school, "I have a toddler running around drawing on my homework."

The image of Kail turning in her college philosophy homework with a gigantic stick figure drawn across the front is pretty priceless!

And our #1 moment from the show...

1. Tell It Like It Is

Adam Lind (Chelsea's ex boyfriend) goes out with some friends and, of course, the conversation eventually turns to his on-again-off-again relationship with his baby momma.

While the friends themselves didn't have much to offer in terms of advice, one of the friends had brought their father along who has been in the same situation and he broke it all down for Adam in the simplest of terms.

In between bites of food, the father tells Adam, "There's something about when you share a kid together, you've got some kind of bond there. Even if you don't really like each other, you still kinda do because there's that bond..."

So sweet, right? And Adam actually seems to agree...

But the friend's father wasn't done just yet. "I know..." he continued, "I've got three kids with someone I'd like to kill!"

And there you have it, folks, our top five moments from Teen Mom 2.

What was your favorite moment from this week's show?



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