Which Two 'Teen Mom' Stars Are Taking Fan Phone Calls?

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Two of these Teen Mom stars are making themselves available for fan phone calls, but there's a catch! Ever wanted to ask Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham what goes on inside her head?

Well, now you can! Thanks to Dialastar, Farrah is now available for phone conversations with fans.

But, this isn't your average "call a friend and chitchat" kind of situation. If you want to talk to Farrah, it's going to cost you...a lot!

The service will connect you with Farrah, but convos with the Teen Mom star are billed at $10 per minute!

Apparently, there are plenty of people willing to pay the hefty price to speak with Ms. Abraham.

Farrah tells Sulia that she had a young, pregnant fan call her in the middle of the night seeking advice.

She's also had reporters call, figuring that the fee is a small price to pay to get exclusive information out of her.

Then, there have been the haters.

That's right, some people dislike Farrah so much, they're willing to fork over $10 a minute just to bash her (wonder if she's obligated to stay on and listen?)

If the thought of chatting with Farrah doesn't exactly knock your socks off, the Teen Mom's co-star, Maci Bookout is also available for phone calls and charges the same rate.

What do you think? Would you be willing to pay for a phone call with your favorite celeb?



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