2AM Club Guys Talk Love Songs and Living Together (EXCLUSIVE!)

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2AM ClubGet to know two of the guys here! New favorite band alert!

Have you guys heard of 2AM Club? They're an upcoming band whose new song "TFUTC" is everyone's favorite tune right now!

We recently hung out with two of the guys from the band and had a blast!

Spilling deets about their new music, touring all year and what it was like when they all lived together, Marc and Tyler told us about their partying days and juice cleansing too!

The guys also described their music as pop music and a mix between Miguel and Katy Perry. That's a pretty epic collabo!

Watch our interview above to find out all about them and peep their music video HERE!

Are you feelin' them?

If you live in LA, make sure to check out their show at The Roxy THIS Friday night. We know we'll be there!

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