One Direction Moving to U.S.? Harry Explains Why 1D is Staying Put

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Sorry fans, One Direction have no plans to move to the U.S.

One Direction moving to USAP

U.S. Directioners, if you're hoping that Harry Styles will move to the states, don't get your hopes up.

Harry has no plans to move to the U.S., even though One Direction will be spending plenty of time here for their Take Me Home tour.

Hazza noted that there's one thing he'd miss quite a lot in the move--food.

Harry told Celebs On Sunday, "They don't even know what Toad In The Hole or Branston Pickle is. And if you say bangers and mash they're like, 'bangers? bangers and what?'"

He added, "Not good. Time to go home when that happens."

Louis Tomlinson also sounded off on the rumors that One Direction might move to the U.S., saying, "Why would we? It seems like it's expected of us, but we're British boys."

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