Selena Gomez Kept Justin Bieber in Check? Now Sel Wants to Date Older Men

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Will Selena Gomez date an older guy after her breakup with Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez dating older man after Justin Bieber breakupGetty Images

Was Selena Gomez the best thing for Justin Bieber?

According to a new report, Selena was responsible for keeping Justin in check while they were dating.

Seeing his recent behaviors, including being late to his own show and walking around in a gas mask, we'd have to agree that Sel may have had a hand in keeping Justin a little more subdued.

Is Justin turning into a bad boy now that he and Selena broke up?

A source told NY Daily News Confidential that Justin's team would try to keep him in line, but Selena was the only one who could get through to him.

According to the source, "They'd get her to convince him to do things he needed to do. He'd listen to just her."

Now that Biebs and Selena aren't dating, guess who isn't listening to his team?

As for Selena, it sounds like the experience of dating Justin may have influenced her decision to date an older guy next time.

A friend of Selena's told that Sel is moving on, noting, "Selena is looking to date an older man this time."

The friend added, "She finally realized how toxic it was to date a toddler like Justin."

Post-breakup, her friend says, "Selena is doing really well and feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders now that Justin is out of the picture."

The source noted, "She finds Justin to be embarrassing since their breakup. He's turned into exactly the kind of person she'd never want to be with."

Selena reportedly "isn't concerned one bit with Justin's boyish antics. It's the last thing she cares about," the friend shares, adding, "Her sights are set on a much more mature man who won't embarrass her or cause childish fights for no reason."

Do you think Selena should date an older guy now?



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