'The Amazing Spider-Man' Bad Lip Reading Video: Best One Yet?

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Watch 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Bad Lip Reading video featuring Peter & Gwen--hilarious!

Amazing Spider Man Bad Lip Reading videoYouTube

Thank you, universe for The Amazing Spider-Man Bad Lip Reading video.

Need something to cheer you up? Look no further.

It's all Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone)...and it's all hilarious.

We can sum up the comedy gold in two words: "fake leg."

Seems Gwen has a bum leg and it's not going over well with Peter.

Oh, and he freestyle raps about it.

Here's just a bit of the tasty (tasteless?) dialogue...

Gwen: "Hey, could you make me nachos?"
Peter: "You're in a bad mood."
Gwen: "Well I got cramps...menstrual cramps? That's why ovaries are dumb."

Gwen: "You freestyled about my fake leg?"
Peter: "Your foot's kind of messed up but I was hoping to talk about my tuna!"
Gwen: "Wait, does my wooden leg gross you out?"
Peter: "Yeah, some parts...It's like, when I touch it...I get so sick."

We're still totally in love with The Hunger Games Bad Lip Reading video (below), but this Peter & Gwen vid is really funny too.


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