MKTO Talk About Their Song "Thank You," Working With Ne-Yo and Backstreet Boys!

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MKTO tell us about their first concert! There's a new duo in town.

You might recognize 22-year-old Tony Oller and 20-year-old Malcom Kelley from Teen Nick's Gigantic, but now they're in a different kind of spotlight. The two best friends created a pop duo group called MKTO (Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts), and their new song "Thank You" is generating a ton of buzz.

"We're just really trying to do an anthem for our generation," says Tony. "What us kids go through in the economic times right now is not easy."

The friends started out pursuing acting, but they also shared a common interest in music which led to the formation of MTKO in 2012. Success came quickly. "We ended up meeting a great group of producers," Tony says. "We got Ne-Yo on a song," adds Malcom.

What is Ne-Yo's writing technique? "He just comes in with a piece of paper, sits down, very focused," says Tony.

Speaking of influences, while Malcom doesn't remember his first concert, Tony isn't ashamed to share his. "I'll totally be honest," he says. "Backstreet Boys. I left with a T-shirt, it was the Millennium tour."


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