Skylar Grey: Can You Even Imagine Her in a Cabin in the Middle of the Woods?

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Where did Skylar really discover herself?

This girl is full of surprises!

When Skylar Grey stopped by recently to talk about collaborating with Eminem on "C'mon Let Me Ride," we also got to chat about her childhood influences, her start in the industry and what made her "come back" to music.

"I had a really eclectic, musical upbringing," Skylar tells us. "My mom played celtic harp, and my dad was in a barbershop quartet." Skylar even performed a duet with her mom called "Generations" when she was just 6 years old.

Skylar made the decision to move to Los Angeles when she was 17. "I was totally not ready for it, I was very naive," she says. "Jumping into the music industry is a whole other world itself."

Having learned about the business the hard way as an artist, Skylar moved out of LA and eventually "found myself in a cabin in the middle of the woods in Oregon," she says.

It turns out that moving away from the big city is exactly what she needed. "That's where I really discovered myself," Skylar says. "I taught myself Pro Tools, how to record myself and do the whole thing."

Something you might not know about Skylar: She's partially responsible for one of the biggest hits of 2010, "Alex da Kidd sent me a beat over email," she says. "And then I sent him back the hook to 'Love the Way You Lie.'"

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