'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter Opens Up About Family Drama

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The "Modern Family" star opens up about body issues, boys and living with her sister. In a brand new interview with Teen Vogue, Modern Family star Ariel Winter opened up about her childhood, reconnecting with her sister (a fellow actress who is now her guardian) and how her mother fueled her body image issues.

"I had body insecurities when I was younger. I still do. Every girl has insecurities--mine were heightened at the time because my mother wasn't supportive," she says.

Fortunately, spending time with her sister has helped her move past many of those feelings, and she's learning to love herself.

Regarding her sister Shanelle Workman's positive influence in her life, Ariel says, "...my sister is always making sure to tell me that I look beautiful."

Now that she lives with her sister full-time, Ariel is being subjected to things like rules and curfews, which she has never had to contend with before! Surprisingly, though, she's enjoying finally having some structure. "I've never had a curfew before. My life is definitely more normal--and that'll help me grow up like I'm supposed to," she says. "Sunday we have family dinner. It's just a different experience for me because I have more of a family life. I'm really happy."

Speaking of structure, Ariel (who has been home-schooled since second grade) will begin attending a new school soon and she can't wait to get involved in extracurricular activities. "I'm auditioning for the cheerleading team. I dance and do gymnastics, so I hope that helps," she dished.

And what about boys? Of course, she's thought about that, too! "I've always wanted to go to a school dance," she says. "I hope I get asked."

Something tells us she'll probably be entertaining multiple offers!

Sounds like Ariel is finally able to live the life she's always wanted to lead. We wish her all the best!



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