Are Lady Gaga and Beyoncé Releasing a New Single?

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Can we look forward to another Lady Gaga and Beyoncé collaboration?
Did Lady Gaga and Beyoncé record a follow-up to 'Telephone'?

Lady Gaga did confirm that a sequel to the single would appear on her upcoming album, ARTPOP, but she never said whether or not Bey would be involved.

Rumors have been swirling for months that a new single was in the works for the chart-topping pop divas, but neither camp ever officially confirmed the collaboration.

Both ladies added fuel to the fire when they posted pics to their respective Instagram accounts wearing earrings bearing the rumored song name "Ratchet."

Now, we know these ladies both have their own unique style, but what are the odds they each just so happen to have gigantic gold hoop earrings with the same weird word?!

While Rihanna might not own her very own pair of "Ratchet" ear wear, she managed to throw herself into the mix when she tweeted to Lady Gaga with the hashtag #Ratchet.

Shortly after, reports surfaced that singer Azealia Banks would also be adding her voice to the much-anticipated single. Azealia seemed to confirm the rumors during a recent interview when she said, "I like working by myself, not to say I don't like collaborating with other people but, like, I never know what to do. I can't really absorb the vibe," she then seemed to catch herself and said, "I'm lying because I've collaborated with Lady Gaga and Beyonce and Kanye West."

So, we do have reason to suspect that at least Gaga, Azealia and Beyoncé are all up to something!

Guess we'll just have to wait for the final word (or tweet) from one of them.

For the time being, an instrumental version of the supposed track recently leaked online and it actually sounds pretty cool!

Take a listen and then tell us if you'd like to hear Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Rihanna lay down the lyrics for this track!



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