Nick Jonas Crying: "Wedding Bells" Jonas Brothers Concert Video

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Nick Jonas crying over Miley Cyrus? Watch him shed a tear during "Wedding Bells."

Nick Jonas crying Wedding Bells Miley CyrusYouTube

Did Nick Jonas cry during a performance of "Wedding Bells" at a recent Jonas Brothers concert in Belo Horizonte, Brazil?

Nick crying over Miley Cyrus?

We're not entirely sure...but watch this video of the Jonas Brothers singing "Wedding Bells" and note around 1:14, it looks like a tear under Nick's eye.

Or sweat. Maybe.

There's no denying that Nick's song about Miley likely drums up plenty of old emotions, but do you think Nick is crying during the song?

Check out some of the "Wedding Bells" lyrics and remember that Nick is a gentle soul--so maybe he did shed a tear or two...

She says, can you keep a secret
A ceremony set for June
I know it's a rush but I just love him so much
I hope that you can meet him soon

No, I don't wanna love
If it's not you
I don't wanna hear the wedding bells bloom
Maybe we can try
One last time
But I don't wanna hear the wedding bells chime


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