Harry Styles Sent Dirty Text Messages to a Friend's Mom? Harry Denies It!

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Did Harry Styles send dirty text messages to a friend's mom?

Harry Styles screengrab from YouTube.Did Harry Styles send dirty text messages to his friend's mom when he was just 16?

That's the latest report, as UK TV host Yvette Fielding claims that Harry sent "disgusting" text messages to her when he was younger--and she was 41 at the time.

How bad were the racy texts? Yvette says she "can't even repeat" what he wrote.


Yvette told Woman magazine (via The Mirror) that she and her husband took Harry and his mom out to dinner and "Harry was sending me disgusting texts from across the table."

She added, "I can't even repeat the words, they were so rude!"

Yvette apparently knew Harry very well, noting, "He called me his second mum and he and Will [her son] lived in each other's pockets, dressing and talking the same."

She said, "Harry confessed that he wanted to be a singer, but thought he couldn't make it. I told him to follow his dream."

She also commented on Harry's girl-chasing reputation, sharing, "He's a Romeo, he's very romantic. When there's a love interest, Harry will go all out to get the girl. He's totally obsessed. I think that's what Simon Cowell saw in him, the cheeky chappie charm."

Did Harry sent the naughty texts? His peeps say no, with a spokesman saying, "Harry has never sent any rude or inappropriate text messages to Yvette Fielding."

UPDATE: Yvette has since denied that she made any such claims about Harry, saying, "It's all a load of rubbish--it's ridiculous and I'm really upset about it. Of course it's not true."



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