Liam Payne Sad About One Direction Success? He's Homesick, Misses Old Life

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Aw. Find out why Liam Payne gets sad sometimes.

Liam Payne sad during One Direction tour homesickLouis Tomlinson Twitter

One of the hardest parts of being as mega successful as One Direction has to be the time spent away from family, friends and girlfriends.

In a new interview, Liam Payne talks about how homesick he is sometimes...though it's not going to get in the way of his massive tour schedule, we do have the sads for poor Liam.

There was so little adjustment time for 1D to go from unknowns to a household name, it must be hard sometimes.

Liam tells The Sunday Life (via UnrealityTV) that he gets homesick for his normal life in Wolverhampton.

He explains, "I miss my home town a lot. We were kind of pulled out of home after the X Factor and we didn't realize that we may not be going back. We've hardly been back at all and I do miss Wolverhampton."

The normal life can look pretty appealing when you've done your millionth interview and traveled everywhere on tour, we suppose.

It's the "little things" that the 1D star misses, as Liam says, "I really like going into the town center and shopping and doing things like sitting on the sofa watching Friends. I'd even like to go back to school for a day."

Somehow, he and the 1D guys are able to carry on, however, as Liam tweeted about the excitement of touring, writing, "Hope everyone who has seen the tour has enjoyed it, love seeing everyone there singing along and dancing, amazinnggggg feeling!"

Sure beats going back to school for a day.



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