'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 3, Episode 16 Recap: No Business Like Clothes Business

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RHOBH: Former Housewife "Friend" Dana Wilkey delivers the crazy in a drunken return to the 90210, while recovering alcoholic Kim Richards explains her own bizarre behavior at the opening of sister Kyle's new boutique. Although much of tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took place at the opening of Kyle Richards' new boutique, Brandi Glanville's turquoise shoes were the real star.

We're not sure where in Paris Yolanda purchased those knee-high T-strap stilettos, but one thing's for sure: They're not part of the Maloof Hoof collection.

While Brandi kicked up her heels, the group bid au revoir to Paris with a friendly dinner cruise on the Seine. Kim was even lucid enough to thank everyone for their support, after which everyone toasted the recovering alcoholic with their glasses of booze. (This group is super supportive like that.)

Oh, and Kim's erratic behavior during the trip? Back home at Kyle's store opening she explained that she'd confused two different medications. Okaaaay. Anyway, it was nice to see the two sisters hug it out, even if they chose this very public forum to have such a private conversation.

Taylor also took the opportunity to apologize to Yolanda for bashing her husband. Turns out Tay-Tay is besties with David Foster's ex-wife, Linda Thompson--whose sons, Brandon and Brody Jenner, are half-brothers of most of the Kardashian Klan. Maybe Brandi was right when she said everyone in Beverly Hills has slept together at some point?

Speaking of slutting it up, former "Friend of the Housewives" Dana Wilkey made a surprising and ghastly appearance in tonight's episode, her first since being fired last season for being obnoxious, boring and bragging about her $25,000 Chanel sunglasses. (That's our theory anyway.)

Pounding drinks and chain-smoking, the party planner (she orchestrated Kennedy Armstrong's $60,000 fourth birthday bash) turned party animal bragged to Taylor about how much action she's been getting since her fiancé dumped her.

"I drink a lot [and] and I f*** a lot, and I'm OK with it," she slurred to Taylor in the raspy voice of a 60-year-old chain-smoker.

From her new home in Crazytown, Dana bashed all of her former 90210 neighbors as nasty narcissists. But she's especially bitter toward Brandi, whom she calls a "freaking lowlife" who makes her "want to puke." (Coincidentally, Brandi was promoted from "Friend" to full-time Housewife while Dana was cut from the show. Hmmm.)

Perhaps fearing a lawsuit, Dana decorated her comments about the litigious Adrienne with air quotes, saying she is great "as a person" and "in theory."

The same might be said about Adrienne's failed marriage, which starts to show its cracks next week.

Naturally, Faye Resnick, wannabe Housewife (or "Friend"-really, this woman would happily to share a water glass with Lisa Vanderpump's pooch Jiggy if Bravo would just give her more airtime) blames Brandi for Adrienne and Paul's breakup.


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