Niall Horan Crying: One Direction Dublin, Ireland Concert Emotional for Niall

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The Dublin One Direction show had Niall Horan crying!

Niall Horan screengrab from YouTube.

Watch Niall Horan crying at the One Direction concert in Dublin, Ireland yesterday, while singing "Little Things."

Niall was literally bursting with Irish pride, performing in his homeland and really letting the emotion take over.

He was seen crying during the performance of "Little Things," but the moment we loved is when Niall gave a speech and Louis came to the stage to ask the crowd, "Do you know how much this means to Niall?"

Harry then asked the crowd to make some noise if they were proud of Niall!

Then, check out the close-up of Niall on the big screen as the crowd went mental--you could see how much the night meant to him.

Of course, then Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn all piled on top of Niall (probably not great for that bum knee, Louis!) and Zayn gave Niall a kiss on the head.


Harry tweeted later, "Taaaanks a million Dublin. Was a lot of fun tonight, welcome home Niall .x"

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