'American Idol' First Live Show Recap: Which Contestant Got a Standing Ovation?

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What did the contestants think of the judges' comments? American Idol season 12's top 10 finalists.

You can never have too many Idols!

Last night was the first live show for the top 10 finalists on this season of American Idol, and the contestants sung to the theme of "Music of the American Idols," meaning they had to choose from a list of songs previous Idol contestants have performed or recorded.

What did some of the contestants think of their feedback from the judges?

"Anytime they give me positive feedback I just feel relieved because this is the first week of the whole thing. It's really important that you pick the right song," said Kree Harrison who chose "Crying," once performed by Carrie Underwood.

Judge Nicki Minaj trailed off (talking about eating waffles!) when she was giving feedback to Kree. "Whatever she says is unpredictable so I just go with it and it's always hilarious," the good-sport contestant said. "This time she called me Harri instead of her wife so that was funny."

Paul Jolley, who sang "Amazed," previously performed by Scottie McCreery was pleased with the judges' comments, especially when Nicki noted his "sexually stimulating" her. "I was kind of glad she said it because she's checked out everyone but me!" Paul joked. "I was feeling kind of left out."

Curtis Finch Jr. might not have had all four judges present for his Fantasia-inspired "I Believe" performance but, "I always listen to what the judges have to say, whether I'm singing or someone else is because they always give such vital information," he said. "As a contestant and as an artist it's always my task I feel to grow."

Lazaro Arbos agreed with the judges about his song choice, "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson. "They were really on the spot, it wasn't my best song," he admitted. "The main thing was that I wasn't too comfortable with the song."

Angie Miller's take on "I Surrender," previously performed by Kelly Clarkson, made our day and the judges' comments did the same for her. "It blows me away every time they say good stuff cause just remembering who they are and everything they've done," she told us. "I'm just like 'Uhh, thank you!'"

But the spotlight-stealer of the night, who sung "I Have Nothing," previously performed by Jordin Sparks, was Candice Glover, who received a standing O. "Oh my god, so amazing!" Candice gushed. "Getting a standing ovation is like them saying 'We love you' and just to know they love me and the crowd, the adrenaline was rushing it was just phenomenal!"


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