Did Demi Lovato Diss Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift in Interview? (LISTEN!)

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Demi Lovato disses Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift? Listen!

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Uh-oh. Demi Lovato appeared to diss former BFF Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift in a new interview with KDWB's Big D...

What did Demi say about Selena and Taylor?

Well, she talked about how she's dedicated to her fans, who the interviewer noted are "hardcore."

You may recall, back in the day, Selena and Demi were best friends...and then along came Taylor, who took over as Sel's BFF.

To refresh your memory, Demi wasn't too thrilled with Taylor and Selena hanging as besties, as seen in a video where she was asked, "How's Selena?" and she responded, "Ask Taylor."

Since then, Demi and Selena seemed to be distant friends, at best, but neither slammed the other, so it was all fairly civil.

Fast forward to now, and the buzz is that Demi totally dissed Selena and Taylor.

Check out what she said and weigh in on what she meant.

First up, Demi said: "A lot of celebrities don't open up to their fans, they just tell them what they want to hear. They don't really tell them things that can benefit their lives, they just, you know, maybe flaunt around a boyfriend and sell a couple of albums. That's not what my career is about."

Was Demi taking a stab at Selena, who was dating Justin Bieber...or Taylor, who dated (among others) Harry Styles?

We're not entirely convinced that she was getting a dig in, but plenty are connecting the dots and coming up with a Demi double slam on Tay and Sel.


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