'American Idol' Results: Curtis Is Out, But Expect Him to Come Back Stronger!

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"I want to be about 500 pounds lighter," says Curtis. Say it ain't so!

We know eliminations are part of the deal, but we're sad to say goodbye to Curtis Finch Jr. as he is the first top 10 contestant of this season of American Idol to leave the show. Curtis ranked 10th right after fellow contestant Devin Velez.

After the show, Mariah Carey gave Curtis some advice, "She was just telling me to stay encouraged and to remain consistent and one-hundred percent authentic," he said.

Nicki Minaj shared her thoughts with the audience, declaring that she'd leave the show if Curtis did. "That's mind blowing to me," Curtis told us, "I was like 'Wow, make your coin, get your check. I want to see her when I turn on American Idol so I'm glad she didn't walk off." Though Nicki did get up off her seat for a few seconds, we imagine she was only joking.

We find it all quite interesting, since Nicki didn't even see Curtis' performance from her judge's chair (she was stuck in traffic). "I think Nicki is great, but I think the other judges are great as well," Curtis said. "Her being there for my performance, I don't think would have really changed today."

Tonight's rankings were revealed and the ladies are representing hard in the top 3, with Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Candice Glover filling those spots. Does Curtis agree with America? "Well deserved! Kree, Angie and Candice have something called 'IT.' When they sing, they just fill the room with such global warmness." We agree!

He may have been on the show a short time, but Curtis had the judges totally figured out:

"With Keith, he's going to talk about your song. With Nicki, you never know what Nicki is going to talk about. With Randy, he's always going to say, 'Well I don't know dog, you know, it just didn't quite work for me tonight.' And Mariah is always going to tell you she would stand but her skirt was too tight," Curtis said. "I love them all."

What's next after Idol? "I really just want to be successful and make America proud. This doesn't happen to me every day," he said, referring talking to the press. "The next time you see me, I want my resume to be long. I want to be about 500 pounds lighter. I want to strive to be the best Curtis I can be."

Curtis admitted that he'll miss everyone, but we're not too worried because they'll all be seeing a lot of each other this summer when the top 10 finalists hit the road for their summer tour! For the time being, we'll miss you Curtis! You inspire us.


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