Katy Perry's $2 Million Tell-All Book Deal

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Find out what prompted Katy Perry to write a book about her relationship with Russell Brand. Celebrities are just like us...they fall in love, they break up, they tweet about it.

But when 140 characters simply aren't enough to air all of their dirty laundry, celebs have another option that, well...the rest of us can't exactly exercise.

Take Katy Perry,for example. During her 14-month marriage to comedian Russell Brand, they each tweeted sweet messages at each other, gushed about all the fun things they were doing and even posted cute little couples pics.

When they broke up, however, Katy stopped following Russell on the popular social media site and told her side of the story during her Katy Perry: Part of Me documentary.

Russell, however, stayed pretty quiet about the subject...until now.

It has been reported that the comedian is planning to write a tell-all book about Katy, the marriage and other secrets that the singer definitely wouldn't want to be made public.

Well, the "Firework" singer isn't about to take that lying down!

She has apparently signed a $2 million book deal of her own to refute whatever negative things
Russell has to say about her (with some juicy deets on her relationship with John Mayer as an added bonus!)

Sounds like this battle of the books is going to get pretty heated!

Whose book would you rather read?



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