Phillip Phillips Performs "Gone, Gone, Gone" on 'American Idol' and Gets a Surprise!

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What did Randy Jackson present to Phillip Phillips? Phillip Phillips performing on stage.

He went home to where it all started!

Season 11 winner of American Idol Phillip Phillips hit the stage last night at the first elimination show and performed his second single "Gone, Gone, Gone" from his debut album The World from the Side of the Moon.

"It's strange being back in the room, on the stage it was terrifying," he said. "I hate being on live television, but I think it went okay." Don't sell yourself short, Phillip! You won Idol for a reason.

Though he admitted he hasn't been watching Idol this season (what?), he had some advice for Curtis Finch Jr. "I mean, it's not the end, it's just a TV show. That's what you have to remember," Phillip said. "You have to work hard for what you want and you can still do that."

We had to know, if Phillip was on this season, which judge would intimidate him most? "Keith, probably," Phillip said. "He's a great writer and an amazing guitarist. He's a great musician and I look up to people like that."

Speaking of great musicians, Phillip's music has been taking the world by storm. "We were on the plane yesterday coming from London and before the plane took off 'Gone' came on," he told us. "And it's just weird because we just went over there and promoted this stuff. It's weird and cool."

It was no shocker that Phillip wowed the crowd, but it was a surprise when Randy Jackson honored Phillip with a 4x platinum plaque for his first single, "Home." Congratulations, Phillip!

As he prepares to hit the road next week to start his college tour, Phillip has one thing he's yet to master. "Trying to work out, it sucks," he said. "I want to get abs! I don't have abs. I want to look good."

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