'The Vampire Diaries' Season 4, Episode 16 Recap: 'Bring it On'

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With Elena's humanity turned off, the newbie vamp tries to kill her best friend, disses Stefan, and runs away to take a bite out of the Big Apple with Damon.

The Vampire Diaries
is back...with everything but Elena's humanity.

But at least she's got school spirit! After Sire Damon urges her to get more involved in activities, Elena asks Caroline if she can have her old cheerleading spot back.

What a perfect idea for an orphan who not only lost both her biological and adoptive parents and her aunt, but just burned down her family home with her brother's body inside!

And unfortunately, Elena seems to be confused about which side she's rooting for. First, she accessorizes her red uniform with the blue hair ribbon of a rival cheerleader. (Whom she drank--defying her sire's instructions. But at least she's eliminating some of the competition?) Then, she lets her best friend fall to the floor in the middle of an aerial stunt. Oops.

With her humanity switch turned off, Damon's powers of persuasion no longer work on Elena. As an added insult, with Mystic Falls full of vervain from the contaminated water supply, the Salvatores are powerless to compel Elena's guests to leave when she invites half of Mystic Falls to party at their mansion.

At least she's smiling for a change--that is, until she spots Caroline and Stefan dancing and enjoying themselves too.

"Take him out for a spin," she snarls to her blond bestie. "He could use it."

Me-yow! Her catty comment turns into a full-on catfight when Elena attacks Caroline's mom. Caroline isn't as strong as she thinks against the Alaric-trained newbie. In fact, Elena is about to stake her when Damon interferes.

Hey, Elena has a point: We're pretty sick of hearing Caroline "whining" about Tyler too. Surely his voicemail box is full by now? She finally seems to get the message when she finds Matt at the Lockwood Mansion--his new home. Tyler has given his buddy the deed to the house and explains in a note to Caroline that he is never, ever coming back. Maybe it's finally time to give in to her "dirty thoughts" about Klaus?

Unfortunately, he's busy at the moment seducing Tyler's old BFF Hayley. In an extended preview for The Originals, the upcoming VD spinoff, Klaus recognizes a mark on Hayley's shoulderblade as belonging to an old Louisiana werewolf clan.

Meanwhile, Damon is teaming up with Rebekah to track down Katherine and the cure. He recognizes an old vampire buddy, Will, just before he rips out his heart because he's too far gone from Klaus' werewolf bite.

Will causes Damon to reminisce about the old days, and after basically admitting he likes uninhibited Elena just fine, he invites her to run off with him to New York City. The city that never sleeps is the go-to destination for hungry vampires!

And why not? Stefan has discovered that someone--Silas?--has robbed all the nearby blood banks and the locals are poisoned by vervain and undrinkable.

So get ready: Elena's off to take a bite out of the Big Apple!


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