RHOBH Star Brandi Glanville Runs Into Adrienne Maloof in Ladies Room: Awkward!

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"I wasn't going to leave...obviously I had to go to the bathroom," Brandi Glanville dished about awkward encounter with Adrienne Maloof in a restaurant restroom. "I just went about my business."
Breaking news from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof have not kissed and made up.

Although Adrienne ditched the recent RHOBH reunion taping, the former Mrs. Cibrian recently had an awkward encounter with her Enemy No. 1 at a local restaurant.

The ladies room, to be specific. As the always candid author of Drinking and Tweeting told a Texas radio station, "I actually ran into her the other night at a restaurant, and we ended up in the bathroom at the same time.

"We didn't say a word to each other," shared the famous truth bomber, who incurred her cast mate's wrath by allegedly revealing that Adrienne's children were born via surrogate. (Her comments were censored from the broadcast.)

"Normally I would've said Hi, but it's such an odd... how you do that? I haven't seen her forever; we left on a bad note."

But Brandi's bladder wouldn't let her flee the awkward encounter.

"I wasn't going to leave...obviously I had to go to the bathroom. I just went about my business."

"I don't have anything to say to her," she added. "I'm afraid--I don't want to talk to someone who gets their lawyer the second you say something they don't like."

Although Brandi refused to comment on reports that both Adrienne and Camille Grammer have been fired from the show--that Bravo paycheck helps cover her legal expenses, after all--she did weigh in on the new casting rumors.

"I don't think they're true but then again, you never know," she said when asked whether Penny Lancaster and former Extra host Dayna Devon are coming aboard.

"They never tell you. I don't even know if I'm coming back. I know they're probably getting a couple people."

Rod Stewart, Lancaster's husband, told TMZ his wife turned down a Housewives gig (talk about awkward--Adrienne was dating Lancaster's stepson, Sean Stewart!). But Devon's name is still being floated as a frontrunner.

"I know Dayna a little bit," Brandi shared on the FM dial. "She's really sweet and really kooky and I like her."

Another Beverly Hills Housewife reportedly on the outs is Brandi's frenemy Taylor Armstrong.

"I'm starting to feel sorry for her a little," she admitted. "I just feel, gosh, she's been through so much. Even though she drives me nuts, no one can imagine losing a spouse so publicly. I have such mixed emotions when it comes to her."

Not so much with Adrienne. Sounds like Brandi's finally flushed her out of her life!


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