'The Mindy Project' Cast Do Their Best as Set Tour Guides (EXCLUSIVE!)

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The Mindy ProjectPeep the show's set here Our new BFFs are the peeps from The Mindy Project!

Not only did we catch up with most of the cast on the red carpet awhile back where they talked about their show's set secrets but recently we got invited to actually visit their show's set too!

Their hospitality and humor did anything but not win us over, that's for sure!

Totally making us crack up and not really knowing what to do, Zoe Jarmen and Ike Barinholtz, who play Betsy and Morgan on the show, were our on-set tour guides and did their best to show us around their workplace. From the show's doctors' rooms to their actual kitchen, we got to see it all!

Check out our time at The Mindy Project set above!

And don't forget to watch the show Tuesday nights at 9:30 PM ET on FOX!

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