Nicki Minaj Interviews...Nicki Minaj! (VIDEO)

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Nicki Minaj shows her silly side in this behind-the-scenes video from her Elle cover shoot. There is no doubt Nicki Minaj did some serious dressing down for her subdued look on the April 2013 cover of Elle magazine.

However, the eccentric American Idol judge did still manage to have some fun behind-the-scenes at the shoot.

The 30-year-old pop star showed off her personality in a hilarious video where she plays a reporter named "Nicole" who is totally geeking out about interviewing Nicki Minaj (both parts played by Nicki).

"Nicole" starts off the interview with an over-enthusiastic profession of love for the singer, gushing, "I'm soooo excited, like, I'm so stoked to be sitting here with the lovely Miss Nicki Minaj...I've been like dreaming about this...this is gonna be so cool!"

The real Nicki Minaj seems less than amused by the interviewer's inability to curb her enthusiasm, keeping a completely straight face while "Nicole" asks her a series of ridiculously ditzy questions.

Watch the full clip below and tell us what you think of Nicki's silly skit.

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