Cupping Trend Takes Over Twitter: Pics of Cupped People New Craze?

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"Cupping" pics flooded Twitter over the weekend--find out what it's all about.

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What is cupping?

It's always fun to see a new trend pop up, but especially cool to see it unfold right before your eyes.

One of our favorites, Jon, who creates Harry Styles parody videos under the YouTube username Simply Spoons, invented the cupping trend.

CoolStoryJon explained all in a tweet yesterday, writing: "Started this thing today called #cupping. You take a pic of someone.. And.. Make em look like they're in a cup #genius #wow"

It started simply enough, as Jon and friends snapped a pic of a cup of soda, with someone in the background...voila, they got cupped!

The #cupping hashtag became a Twitter trend and the photos flooded in. A Tumblr page was created to showcase some of the more creative cupping pics, so check out You Just Got Cupped for inspiration.

Cupping... is it the new planking or owling?

We'll have to see how much it catches on.

And...check out Jon's newest Harry Styles and Taylor Swift "One Way or Another" parody video:


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