Top 5 Moments from 'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami'

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Check out the highlights from this week's Kourtney and Kim Take Miami...including Mason's many adorable moments. Last night's Kourtney and Kim Take Miami wasn't exactly the most family-friendly episode we've ever seen.

Still there were some really funny moments and quotable quotes that we thought were definitely worth taking a look back at!

We narrowed it down to the top five...and here they are!

5. Kim Kardashian Can Laugh at Herself

When Kim is telling sister Kourtney Kardashian about the "most amazing trip EVER" that she and Kanye West took to Italy, she firsts tells her about all the sites and tourist traps that they visited. She even reveals that she almost got them kicked out of the Sistine Chapel because you're not supposed to be taking pictures and she was snapping away.

Then, she tells Kourtney about a funny fan encounter in Venice. She says that a girl ran up to her crying saying, "Kim, I just have to tell you that my sister is going through an awful divorce..." to which Kim replied, "Aren't we all?"

At least she has a sense of humor about it...

4. Kourtney and Kim Go "Running"

In their effort to get in tip-top shape, Kim asks Kourtney if she wants to go running with her.

The two girls get into their workout gear (which consists of full hair and makeup, of course) and they set out for their "run," which could more accurately be defined as...well, a walk.

At the very end, they pick up the pace during a race and as Kim is running away from Kourtney, Kourt screams to her bootylicious sister, "You're a** is so large, I don't know how you can even run!"

3. Sibling Rivalry

The girls racing during their "run" isn't the only competition Kourtney and Kim engage in.

Kourtney admits that Kim has been super competitive with her ever since high school and we see exactly what she's talking about.

When Kourtney is packing for their upcoming London trip, Kim comes in and tells her sister that she could totally pack better than her...which kicks off the great Kardashian pack-off.

The girls continue to compete about everything they can come up with from whose car will get to the airport quicker to which one of them folds clothes better.

Once in London, the girls take the competition to a completely different level when they decide they're going to see who smells better...and we're not talking about perfume! Unfortunately for Khloé Kardashian Odom, she is pulled into the smelly situation when they nominate her to be the judge.

Fwiw...Kim wins!

2. Scott's Lordship Party

Ok, we have to admit, we loved everything about Scott Disick's "Lordship Party."

He went all-out for his big bash and it was actually pretty hilarious. He was super serious about making sure every little detail was perfect for the much so that he couldn't be bothered with Kourtney when she called to tell him that she missed him.

"I wish I could say I missed you," Scott says. "But I'm kinda havin' a Lordship Party here."

Of course, we did see Scott come to his senses later in the episode (post-party) when he finally flew to London to be with his family.

1. Mason, Mason, Mason!

Seriously, could this kid be any more adorable?

In fact, every show could probably have its own "Top 5 Mason Moments," and this one was no exception.

When Kim came home from her birthday trip to Italy, little Mason is so excited to see his auntie! But before he even says "hello," he screams, "Happy birthday to you..." as he embraces his aunt.

Then, when Kim, Kourtney and Khloé are taking him to the space center, he does a practice rocket liftoff countdown in the car, which is interrupted by Khloé finding out she got the X Factor gig. While one would think a kid wouldn't care about such a thing (especially en route to something as cool as the space center), little Mason can't hide his excitement for his aunt Khloé and lets out a huge "wahooooo!"

Finally, when Scott comes to London, Mason can't wait to tell him about all of his adventures.

Naturally, Scott wants to get him out the door so they can go and see more cool things.

He rushes his excited little guy to get ready to go to the London Eye, completely forgetting about Kourtney.

Just as they are about to head out the door, Mason (wearing a cute little crown-- he is one of Lord Disick's subjects, after all) stops dead in his tracks, telling Scott, "But you've gotta wait for Mom..."

Aw...such a little gentleman!

What was your favorite moment from this week's Kourtney and Kim Take Miami?



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