Bridgit Mendler's "Hurricane" Lyric Video!

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Want to hear Bridgit Mendler rap?


Bridgit Mendler came at us from left field with her newest single, "Hurricane." We did not hear what we expected, but we LOVE what we heard!

"Hurricane" was written by Bridgit, Emanuel "Eman" Kiriakou, Evan "Kidd" Bogart and Andrew "Goldstein" and produced by Kiriakou and Goldstein. It is the second single off of Bridgit's debut album Hello My Name Is...

Bridgit surprised (and impressed) us with a funky pop and R&B sound, but nothing compares to her rapping part!

"I loved recording the rap in 'Hurricane,'" Bridgit told Coup de Main Magazine. "It was very experimental for me."

Though she doesn't have much of a resume when it comes to rapping, the writers and producers pitched her the idea of giving it a try. "I did and then it kind of just worked, "Bridgit said. "So not intentional, but sometimes things just happen in the moment."

We're glad she gave it a shot because she nailed it! Check out the lyric video below for "Hurricane."

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