Carrie Underwood Reportedly Has Strict Hygiene Rules on Her Tour

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Carrie Underwood wants to live a healthy life, that's for sure. Just ask all of the people she's currently on tour with!

According to a recent interview with Britain's Daily Star, Carrie admitted she's overly obsessed with being clean and eating healthy while on tour.

"It comes down to trying to be smart about everything. We wash our hands quite a bit to make sure no one gets sick. There's lots of healthy food options everywhere we go... I like to do two to three shows in a row and then I'll take a day off - three is my absolute limit," she said.

There's nothing wrong not getting sick or having a day off every once in awhile!

She also admitted that it's hard for her to sleep while on the road too.

Sometimes I find it hard to sleep after shows because I've been in an arena with people screaming. It's so loud and there's so much energy coming at me, and then I get on my bus where it's just me and it's quiet. It takes a while to come down so I can go to sleep."

She is currently on tour with our new favorite singer Hunter Hayes! We wonder if he's forced to be super clean and healthy too?

Carrie just revealed to her fans what her new single will be on Twitter. Click here to find out!

Do you think Carrie's tour restrictions and health guidelines are a good idea?



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