Demi Lovato Advice for Justin Bieber? Demi Says She'd "Be There for Him"

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What's Demi Lovato's advice for Justin Bieber? Check it out.

Demi Lovato Twitter pic. Demi Lovato has advice for Justin Bieber?

In a recent interview, Demi was asked what words of wisdom she would share with Justin, as she's been someone who's had her fair share of challenges in the past.

The interviewer noted, "You and Justin Bieber are very similar ages and the past couple of weeks have been intense for him. He's had some illnesses and gotten into some paparazzi scuffles and had some issues on his birthday."

He told Demi, "You seem to have it very together...a wisdom...if he [Justin] pulled you into a room and asked for some advice on the next five years of his career, what would you tell him?"

Demi noted, "It doesn't really matter the age," saying, "I would sit down with anybody and have that conversation...I want to help as many people as possible, not just people my age."

Demi said of her relationship with Justin, "At the end of the day, we kind of grew up in this thing around the same time...yeah, we used to hang out...he's a cool kid and I wish the best for him."

"I don't really talk to him much anymore, but I'd still be there for him. For sure."

So sweet.

Do you think Justin should seek out Demi for advice?

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