One Direction Writing Own Songs? Songwriter Says Don't Do It!

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Why shouldn't One Direction write their own songs? Find out.

One Direction on the red carpet.

Should One Direction write their own songs?

One experienced songwriter cautions that it's not the best idea for 1D to write their own stuff.

But why?

Songwriter Cathy Dennis calls the 1D penned tunes the "kiss of death," which we think sounds a teensy bit dramatic, but she's written songs for Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Katy Perry, so she knows more about it than us.

Cathy tells The Sun newspaper, "It will be expected that they will write their own songs at some point. Someone is going to say, 'Hang on, the royalties coming in from just singing are not enough.'"

She adds, ''But if 1D started writing their own songs it could be the kiss of death, let's face it. I am not going to advocate that. To emulate the Rolling Stones--you can't have that overnight."

Cathy isn't a believer in 1D's talents as songwriters, noting, "I would not expect them to come out with anything amazing."

Something tells us her comments can't stop the guys from trying their hand at writing, as Harry said last year, "We've got a couple of writing stuff on the album that we've just done. I think we all write. On the road and stuff we're in a lot of planes and in a lot of hotels and obviously you just write there."

He added, "For us it's always been important that the music is going to be authentic and comes from us and doesn't just sound like a 40-year-old man's written it in an office and given it to us."

So...they will write, they will sing, and One Direction fans will continue to support and adore them, no matter what an award winning songwriter has to say about it.



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