Did Selena Gomez Break Up With Justin Bieber Because of Lil Twist?

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What's Lil Wayne have to do with it too?

Justin Beiber performing on stage. Was Lil Twist the reason Selena Gomez broke up with Justin Bieber?

Pretty much!

According to a new report from Hollywoodlife.com, Selena gave Bieber the boot because she was worried he'd start acting like Lil Twist and his BFF Lil Wayne.

"This Weezy thing is a big reason why Selena didn't wanna be with Justin anymore...She was always worried because Justin's boy Twist is in Weezy's clique, and Justin loved them and wanted to be like them," a close source told the site.

"She was worried the partying would become too much and he'd go over the edge. Sel always felt the need to babysit when they were together, but now she doesn't really care as it's not her problem. But it definitely hurt her heart to hear that Wayne almost died," the source continued.

Lil Twist is the friend JB was seen smoking pot with in the released pics AND the pal who wrecked his car...numerous times! We can kind of see why Sel wouldn't want to be associated with him!

And Lil Wayne was just hospitalized for an apparent sizzurp overdose, the stuff Justin was reportedly caught drinking too!

Selena seems to be happy though. She looked adorbs last night when she stopped by The Late Show With Dave Letterman. She talked Spring Breakers and actually told him how she made Justin cry during their breakup! Peep that clip from their interview HERE!

Do you blame Selena for reportedly ditching Justin? Is Lil Twist a bad influence?



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