Taylor Swift and Nelly Sing "Hey Porsche" During Her Show in St.Louis

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Taylor SwiftGetty

Taylor Swift knows how to make her fans happy these days!

Just ask the Swifters who attended her recent concert in St. Louis!

In typical Taylor fashion, she invited St. Louis native Nelly to perform with her on stage during her Red tour stop in Missouri!

"I mostly think of the fact that one of my favorite artists is from here. What would you say if I told you that Nelly is here?" Taylor asked the crowd.

Her fans went crazy as the two sang Nelly's latest hit "Hey Porsche."

"St Louis, you were insanely loud and fun and amazing. Thanks for coming, guys. And a huge thank you to @Nelly_Mo for coming out to sing!!!" Taylor tweeted later that night.

Nelly tweeted her back, "anytime lillady!!!!Keep swervin on Dem!!!"

Check out Taylor and Nelly's awesome performance below!

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