'American Idol': Top 3 From Last Week Feel the Heat!

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Who is feeling the pressure? Kree Harrisons Instagram pic of the top 9 finalists.

With the first elimination out of the way and the second one tonight, American Idol is about to get real...nerve wracking.

Being in the bottom two last week, Devin Velez knows a little something about pressure. "I was a little [nervous] because you're your worst critic," Devin said. "I was already thinking, 'Man, if you don't nail this, you're going home for sure.'" We don't think he has to worry, but we love his positive attitude. "So if I go home, I went home for my best, not because I wasn't good enough."

Show closer Janelle Arthur felt the heat too. "Pressure!" she told us. "I felt definitely like this could be really good or really bad. That's the last thing people remember."

What really had us wondering was how the top 3 last week felt going into this week's round. "It was very nerve wracking because when you make the top 3 once, you want to always make it," Candice Glover said. "Knowing it was The Beatles, I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to be in last place!'" We would like to beg to differ. Candice rocked the house!

Angie Miller made the top 3 last week but knows that this week is a clean slate. "You never know what's going to happen," she told us. "Tonight America might be like 'Oh everyone is voting for her, so I'll vote for someone else.'"

Also in the top 3 last week was Kree Harrison. "I thought to myself what if people think, 'Oh, she's safe' and don't vote because I was in the top [last week]?" Kree's pressure doubled when she knew she was first to perform. "I put a stamp on it so that they don't forget to vote for me because they just heard eight other amazing performances."

Aside from all of the excitement, "I'm really just appreciative to be here and to sing a Beatles song on American Idol." Kree said. "That's pretty bad ass." Well sang said.


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