Demi Lovato Explains Why She Won't Talk About Who's She's Dating

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Who is Demi Lovato dating? She explains why she won't tell!

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Demi Lovato has shared a lot about her life--but when it comes to personal matters, like who Demi is dating...she's not talking.

In a new interview with JohnJay and Rich, Demi said, "I've been through a lot but I've also come out stronger because of it and through all of that, I'm grateful being able to have a career at such a young age doing just what I love to do...that in itself, is incredible."

When asked about finding out recently that she has a half-sister, Demi explained, "I recently connected with her and I've just been so grateful to all of a sudden have a new sister. It's really cool."

Otherwise, she said she'd like to keep her family information private.

The same goes for dating, as Demi explained why she's tight-lipped about romantic details: "It's for a good reason. I've talked about my struggles so much I don't feel it's really necessary for people to know my love life and when you share so much with people, you've got to keep some things to yourself."

She added, "I like to live a normal life as much as possible."

We totally understand.

Listen to the entire ten-minute radio interview below.


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